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Clubhouse: The Newbie on the Social Scene

We give you the lowdown on Clubhouse, the new invitation-only social media app that everyone is talking about. What is Clubhouse? It’s the new and highly exclusive members-only social media app that recently launched, in a bid to give us a bit of a social life in 2021! It is currently only available to those […]

Keeping the Plates Spinning for the Staff Canteen

b4b needed to make sure that The Staff Canteen social network platform could cope with the surge in visitors on key dates running-up to and on-the-day of the 2020 TSC Awards. Awards ceremonies are usually hosted at a glittery gala event in London. Unfortunately, with lockdown restrictions, that was not possible for the first TSC Awards. […]

Is It Time for TikTok?

Think TikTok is just a social media fad? Think again. With over 800 million monthly active users, an average daily view time of 52 minutes and an increasingly diverse audience, TikTok is the hottest social media platform on the block. Simple videos tend to perform the best; think cats jumping over stacks of loo roll, […]

Copywriting: How to Pen Sticky Content

Did you know a customer is twice as likely to visit your website for a second time if they’ve read a blog post for three minutes, instead of one? And that customers who keep reading are more likely to convert? This is all well and good, I hear you cry, but how do you get […]

What Do Your Customers Really Think of Your Website? Bounce Rates Explained

Your website might look great, but understanding how your existing and new customers navigate and engage with it is your key to getting those all-important leads, calls or sales. When monitoring the success of your site and assessing the user behaviour, there are a number of metrics we take into consideration. The impact each of […]

Rich Pickings: How Schema Code Can Add Depth to Your Search Results

Rich snippets, schema, rich results, markup or structured data – whatever you call it – adding extra code that sits in the background of your site can help search engines to determine the structure of your website pages. This means that the search engines can display more ‘rich’ detail under your search results listing and users can make […]

3 Steps to Improve Your Email Open Rates

The first hurdle your email marketing campaign faces is getting the information you need noticed by your intended audience; that means you need them to open the email. The average email open rate is between just 12-25%, so it is important that you try and make an instant impact to boost your odds. If your […]

3 Tips to Prepare Your SEO for Voice Search

There’s no denying how we are searching for things online has evolved. Voice search is here to stay, so if you haven’t yet incorporated it into your digital marketing strategy, what are you waiting for? How do you tailor your SEO for Voice Searches? Voice search isn’t just on our mobiles, it’s also in our homes with such […]

Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency: 3-Step Guide

Hiring a new employee can be a tricky process in itself, let alone adopting an entire team! Find a digital marketing agency that suits you by following the 3 simple steps outlined below… 1) Find a team that believes in and will engage with your own company values Your chosen digital marketing agency should act as an […]

How Important Is Branding to a Business?

Continuity is key to the success of a brand. Ensuring that your brand style, tone, voice and message are the same across all marketing materials and touchpoints with your customers is absolutely crucial. Strong branding is the key to success From your shopfront to your website, seamless branding will ensure that your audience can recognise […]

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