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Why You Need to be Using Video Marketing in Your Business

August 24, 2017

Think that you don’t need to utilise video content as part of your marketing strategy? Think again.

Video content is fast becoming an essential element of any marketing campaign and in fact 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. Video content marketing has never been more important, so how can companies leverage this? Lux Narayan, CEO of Unmetric, a social analytics platform, which did a study of Facebook vs. YouTube in regards to major brand video success that “The most important consideration for brands when creating and publishing videos,” says Narayan, “is to look to data to make the most informed decisions on the right content and channel.”

Not only do you have to create the right kind of video content, but you need to ensure that the content is appropiate for the outlined channel, but what are the main benefits for leveraging video content?

Video content helps boost conversions and sales

According to recent research, your conversion rate can be increased by 80% simply by including a video on a landing page. Studies have also shown that 74% of users who have been researching a product by watching a product-related video, then went on to purchase the product.

Video helps build trust

Building trust in the eyes of the customer is essential, in fact, trust is the foundation of conversions and repeat conversions. By providing your customers with helpful and insightful information on your products and brand, this will help create strong long-term relationships that will be rewarding for both parties.

Videos can help with SEO

One of the (many!) factors that search engines like Google use to determine rank is time spent on a website. When viewing video content on a website, visitors are spending more time on your website which is helpful for SEO. This is certainly backed up by Moovly’s recently reported statistics that you are 53 times more likely to show up in top positions within Google if you have a video embedded into your website.

Don’t forget to optimise your videos on your YouTube channel for SEO, ensure that your titles and descriptions are engaging and descriptive and includes the keyword that you are looking to optimise for. Ensure that you include a link back to your website too.

Video is great for social media

A video can replace a lengthy social media post and can also eradicate the need to create a news post for people to click through to and is ideal for social media, where people are scanning through the likes of Facebook and Instagram. 76% of users have said that they would share a branded video, on the basis it was entertaining. Video is also a fantastic way to encourage people to like a page or follow an account if they have engaged with a video that you have shared.

Video appeals to mobile users

Video+mobile go hand in hand, it has never been easier to watch videos on the go and as your audience of smartphone users grow, so will your video audience too. Over 55% of people watch videos online every day and this is set to increase. If you do look to create a video, ensure that the message is succinct and is easy to follow, even without sound. Apparently 85% of videos watched on Facebook are done so without sound – to react to this, many brands are using subtitles to help ensure that the message of the video doesn’t get lost.

Want to leverage video, but don’t know where to start? Why not contact a member of the B4B media team today to discuss this further? We can help scope out your requirements and can provide you with high-quality and engaging video content that you can be proud of. Looking for some inspiration? Why not take a look at some of the video content that we have created for a variety of our clients for more information.

Whether you are looking for dramatic drone like footage of your premises, informative product videos to showcase your product range or you are just looking to give your valued customers insight behind the scenes, our video content marketing team can help.

For more information about how Bespoke 4 Business can help you with your video content, social media, website or to help drive targeted traffic to an existing website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today on 01202 684400, and we will be delighted to help.

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