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Video content is an extremely powerful marketing tool that can be across your website and social media channels. We offer a range of video production packages, as well as bespoke options to suit your exact requirements. A full creative development brief, on-site director, and post-production are included in every package. 

With b4b media anything can happen. Imagine the possibilities.

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our video projects
video & illustration, website development, SEO, social media
video & illustration, website development, SEO, social media
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website and animated explainer video
website and animated explainer video
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web design and photography

video content marketing

Video is a terrific way of giving your content marketing a new lease of life. How-to videos and animated explainer films are far more engaging than a typical blog post, and they're a great way to engage new customers and introduce them to your business in an entertaining way.

With a professional looking corporate film, you can reach your target audience directly and share your company’s objective and vision.

Engaging social media videos help prospective customers learn more about your products, and serve as a critical customer touch point. With the support of our marketing experts, a powerful video – as part of a wider strategy – will help your company reach a much wider audience.

Our innovative marketing videos help customers convert and raise brand awareness. 78% of UK firms report increased traffic to their websites after implementing a video strategy, and 54% report increased sales after broadcasting live to their audience.

We can create a social media-optimised video that will engage your audience and inform them about you, your products, and your team.

Our team can also assist you in utilising Facebook Live by simply providing advice or by shooting on your behalf and broadcasting live to your fans.

To learn more about our video packages, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our dedicated media team on 01202 684400.


Videographer on shoot

Filming a promotional video

corporate promotional videos

Our corporate promotional video services put your business in the spotlight, and showcase what you can do. A promotional video can be huge advantage to businesses and organisations across a variety of industries and sectors. 

We've created powerful promotional videos for a wide range of clients with varying business goals. We will create a promo film for your business that’s attractive, elegant, professional, and effective. Thanks to state-of-the-art sound and recording equipment and feature film-grade lighting, our promo videos look and sound fantastic. 

Our staff of producers, directors, camera operators, animators, and scriptwriters, will ensure that your project is given the utmost attention to detail throughout its production.

A professional promotional video is exactly what you need to catch clients' attention, whether you want to enhance visibility for a new product or service, or revitalise interest in an existing one.

A proven winner in today's marketing toolbox, promotional videos can be used to increase sales and improve brand awareness in ways that were just a dream a few years ago. Promotional videos may convey a lot about a new product or service in only a few seconds, and they can do it for you on a global scale.

We create high-quality video that is slick, professional, and shareable. To find out more about our expert video production services, please contact us on 01202 684400.

product videos

A well-made product video will give your customers a better understanding of how to use your items. By watching your products in action, they will be able to overcome any primary objections to shopping online as opposed to in a physical store. In general, video creates a much more engaging experience for your online visitors. 

Many e-commerce companies are realising the power of video, and moving away from still product images in favour of providing a video purchasing experience. 

A live presentation of your product in action, or on a model, provides customers with a detailed look at how it can be used in real time. This helps them to visualise themselves using your products.  Give flat product images a lift by pairing the with engaging and interactive product videos. 

According to Hubspot research from 2020, 81% of people have been persuaded to buy a product or service after watching a brand's video. When web visitors watch a video of your product, they can make a more informed buying decision, resulting in higher conversion rates for your online store.

Customers are more aware of what to expect when a product is delivered to their door after watching a video detailing its features. When a product is exactly as expected, this results in a satisfied consumer who will continue to buy from you. This creates a loyal customer base in the long term and increased revenue for your business.

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Filming a jewellery product video

Still from an animated explainer video

explainer videos 

We have a broad range of experience producing explainer videos that people can connect with. This experience spans across a wide range of industries. Don’t underestimate the power of an explainer or product video in terms of increasing engagement. By 2022, video will account for 74% of all online traffic.

Speak to us now on 01202 684400 to find out how we can elevate your business. 



case study videos 

Video case studies are a powerful marketing tool that allow you to present your company's achievements in a genuine way that builds trust. 

Some of the styles we can use to portray your case study include: 


Interviews can be the foundation for any case study, and the final cut we provide will create a flowing narrative. Customer interviews are the mark of authenticity that distinguishes case studies from other kinds of marketing, substantiating your claims with a third-party testimonial that is real and passionate. 

supporting footage and cut-aways

Cutaways and supporting footage add visual variety to your case study and are a great way to break up the interview. More importantly, they aid in the visual storytelling aspect by presenting evidence or examples of what the interviewee is discussing, and bringing the story to life.

a structured narrative

Case studies must build a narrative that is both credible and able to hold the interest of the audience. This story, like all others, should have a beginning, middle, and end. Most of the time, this is outlining the challenge or problem at hand before discussing how you dealt with it, and the eventual outcomes. Case studies are meant to showcase your company, but they should also provide viewers with helpful information about your product or service.

on-location case study filming 

The setting of your case study is an important design element that will help you set the tone. The environment is often determined by the nature of the interviewee's business and how your product or service has assisted them. Multiple locations can be employed, if this is planned carefully to fit with your filming schedule.

To discuss our case study filming options, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our dedicated media team on 01202 684400.

Shooting a case study

Shooting an event video at a restaurant launch

event videos

Our media team will attend corporate gatherings, industry conferences, user group meetings and other events, giving direct, on-location coverage. Create unique, broadcast-quality event video content that offers exclusive insights and reporting your audience can’t find anywhere else.

To find out more, please contact us on 01202 684400.

time-lapse and hyperlapse videos

These fast-paced films are ideal for demonstrating the progression of a project's development or production over time, as well as the ambience of a location (such as cars on a busy street, or the beautiful backdrop of a building project).

Time-lapse videos are also a fantastic method to demonstrate the amount of time and effort it takes to put on a great event, as well as capturing the energy of the event itself.

So, whether you're a construction company looking to showcase your work to new and existing clients, or a company wanting to show off the bustling environment of an event, contact us today to learn how we can use time-lapse and hyperlapse film to captivate your audience.

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Timelapse of a London street

our video production process

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our video projects
video & illustration, website development, SEO, social media
video & illustration, website development, SEO, social media
Town & Country
website and animated explainer video
website and animated explainer video
DigitalAir Wireless
web design and photography
web design and photography