animated video production

Brands once relied entirely on print to define themselves and show what they had to offer. With a lack of alternative options, static, graphical identities were all that were available for people to display and be recognised by. 

Today, modes of communication are no longer limited.

Advancements in technology now mean that the ways in which people can express themselves are virtually boundless. With the right knowledge and expertise, you can ignite your brand through the use of motion, sound and colour. 

At b4b, we connect you with expert motion graphics designers that are schooled in your sector and have access to a range of specialist tools that help to fuel their creativity. 

There’s no need to adhere to restrictions. It's time to show people who you are and what you do. Imagine the possibilities. 

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2D animation

Your story matters, and animation can help to tell even the most complex of tales. 

Want to share more about your overall business? Outline the features of a specific product? Demonstrate a sophisticated piece of software? Or explain a complex service? Animation will help to ensure your target audience are paying attention to you. 

With motion graphics you can create compelling and distinctive content that is specifically designed to achieve your desired impact. By combining animated elements with real life footage, we can create moments that would otherwise be impossible to capture.

Animation can also provide a more cost-effective solution to standard video, replacing the need to shoot inexpensive locations. With the many practical advantages of animation, it’s creative capabilities should not be overlooked!

Engage your imagination and animation can enable you to truly push the boundaries.

Animation creates the opportunity for you to discover a completely new style for your brand and produce unique assets of your own. Through the creation of emotive characters and powerful icons, you can tell your story in a way that people will connect with.

Whether focusing on the facts or wishing to be a little more playful, animation will explain, engage, and enlighten your audience.

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2D animation in progress

An animated explainer video being edited

explainer videos

Animated explainer videos are designed to simplify a difficult or detailed concept and translate it into a format that can be more easily understood. 

Explainer videos can be used to capture the attention of potential corporate clients, consumer audiences, or charity supporters, and are quickly becoming one of the most successful tools for illustrating your brand or product to your audience in a clear and succinct fashion. 

A well-crafted animated explainer can be used to replace stale written content that might otherwise go overlooked. Varying in length, these straightforward and stimulating clips can be an excellent way to engage your audience and showcase your services in a more interesting manner. 

Presenting important information in a way that is more accessible for your target audience can help to increase engagement and awareness. 

Whether you’re looking to replace those vital FAQs hidden at the bottom of your website or to produce some eye-catching content for social media, an impressive, animated explainer can fulfil a variety of purposes. 

Your business resources are precious - our animated explainer videos will provide you with diverse content that’s worthwhile.

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whiteboard animations

Whiteboard animations combine the power of art and storytelling with rapid visuals, text, or character-based design. These videos are ideal for instructional videos, educational guides, and linear storytelling.

People like to know their stuff. Captivate your audience with a whiteboard animation and they’ll be eager to know more about what you have to offer. 

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Our in-house animators hard at work

our animation process

Animation process graphic

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