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bespoke e-commerce

an online shop built to work in parallel with your business

built with your audience in mind

Out-of-the-box e-commerce platforms have to work for the majority of businesses and this one-size-fits-all approach means they are often bloated and heavy with features that are not needed or are not fit for your particular business need.

Work with us to build a bespoke e-commerce system that works exactly as you need it to and as your customers would expect it to. This approach will result in a faster, streamlined user experience that we know from experience, delivers increased sales revenue.

What's more, we will offer you tailored training and support for your system, from the people that designed and built it.

aligned to how you work

The best thing about a bespoke solution to your business problem is that we look at the whole process, not just the order itself. We work with your team to investigate the upstream and downstream processes that go into your e-commerce journey. From the marketing and promotion that drives traffic to the store to the order-fulfilment, shipping and after-sales servicing. 

Before we fire up the laptops and get coding, we'll agree with you the internal business processes that will support the online sales following go-live. Examples from previous clients would include the order generation process, integrated labelling, order fulfilment, mass export of orders, auto-generation of packing slips, emailed invoicing and PDFs with company branding. All of these processes can be integrated and triggered by the bespoke system we build for you.

payment processing

We have built-in PCCI compliant payment processing into clients' e-commerce systems along with 3D secure checkout to maximise the security of taking payments for your goods or services and to reassure customers.

"We used b4b to develop a Magento 2 website for the Electrical Showroom. The move to Magento 2 was a simple process with b4b involved. It has been a good experience overall with site speed and sales increasing as a result."
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web development, business system, bespoke e-commerce
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