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Cobham Aviation Services

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Having found us online, the marketing team at Cobham Aviation Services contacted us with a detailed brief for building their new website. Following a detailed pitch process along with two other agencies, we were delighted when we were appointed.

The scope of the project quickly grew. Initially, we were going to overhaul the Cobham Helicopter Academy website but soon this expanded to include all of the capabilities offered by Cobham Aviation Services (CAvS).

The objective of the website was to build on brand awareness, communicate more about what Cobham Aviation Services offer their clients and provide an easier way of getting in touch.

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Creative flair to make the website stand out

Our web design team used their creative flair to include flying plane and helicopter motifs around the site and to animate the 'shard' shapes that form part of Cobham's brand identity.

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We built the site for Cobham on a bespoke and completely new version of our own content management system (CMS). This setup allows for any future expansion and the addition of other dedicated sites, should the need arise. Our latest CMS also offers the peace of mind to add integrated back-end systems that can help run operations as well as the front-end website itself.

We created ten different page layout designs based on the user journey through the site. We also needed to build a timeline layout to clearly show the training schedule for prospective pilots, crew members and engineers.

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The brief was clear that the website should have a high impact, with a highly visual and interactive user interface. Cobham already had a bank of video and imagery assets that would be favoured over text content in the designs.

Our development team used their creativity to include additional flying plane and helicopter motifs around the site and to animate the 'shard' shapes that form part of Cobham's brand identity. We were provided with strict guidelines that we had to adhere to including the use of fonts, different typefaces, and the angles of shapes in the finished designs.

The mobile user experience was very much front-of-mind when designing this website.

We gave careful consideration to how each template would look on mobile, creating tailored designs and layouts for each.

Cobham Aviation Services website designs

custom CMS

The benefit of our bespoke content management system was that it met the client's requirement for a hierarchy of user permissions across the business. By having different modules and sections, the in-house Cobham team can easily edit and update the website without the need to install 3rd-party plugins which then need to be regularly updated.

The CMS has a built-in dashboard function too that can be tailored by the user to show information about the website. The marketing team can include Google Analytics data to show traffic, bounce rate and conversion metrics. The sales team can access the leads directly from their dashboard, and the content team can see which pages are receiving the most traffic.

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Custom website content management system for Cobham Aviation Services

'they understood exactly what we wanted'

"From the outset, b4b were very proactive and professional in their approach, they understood exactly what we wanted to create and also had some level of knowledge and understanding in the services we deliver.

b4b is a very experienced agency that is entirely reassuring in their approach, they brought our business to life through the website and enabled us to clearly communicate to our customers and employees exactly what we do, which had previously been a major hurdle for our business to overcome."

Gurveen Hothi, marketing specialist, Cobham Aviation Services