Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

search engine optimisation (SEO)

it takes work to reach the top. Our SEO services will help you improve your search engine rankings for selected keywords and increase organic traffic to your website

what is search engine optimisation?

SEO is the process of improving your website to increase its visibility for relevant searches. The better quality your website and its pages are, the more likely you are to attract the attention of search engines - and subsequently - prospective and existing customers to your site.

SEO consists of content SEO, technical SEO, and off-page SEO. For SEO to really make a difference, there needs to be a strategy in place that involves all three elements.

When considering where to rank your site for a search term, the bots that crawl the internet’s complex web of information will consider the below among lots of other things:

  • Your website’s content
  • Tags in your website’s code (technical elements)
  • How your business appears elsewhere on the web

In fact, there are hundreds of ranking factors in SEO. From the keywords you use to internal and external links, SEO is all about trying to optimise a website to ensure a search engine’s ranking algorithm favours your site above others – this is where we can help.

But first, why is SEO so important?

why is SEO important? 

SEO is a fundamental part of digital marketing. There are trillions of searches every year from people looking for information about products and services. Search is often the primary source of digital traffic for brands and complements other marketing activity. Greater visibility and ranking higher in the search results than your competition can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Best of all – organic SEO is FREE! That is, you don’t have to pay Google or any other search engine to display your website’s pages at the top of the results page – you’ve earned that spot with fantastic content and a great website. This means that when done right, it can be a cost-effective way to bring in those all-important leads. 

Without an effective SEO strategy, none of the above can happen. A website can’t be made and then magically appear at the top of a results page. It’s important that you show Google that your website is the best website to rank for a search term, and to do that you need an effective strategy that encompasses content, technical and off-page SEO.

why work with SEO experts?

So, you’ve designed your website and built your website. Now, it’s time to get it performing for your customers. SEO is all about understanding how your customers search for products, services, and advice and then it’s about creating high quality, relevant content to capture their attention and drive them down the buying funnel. 

Our SEO experts carry out audits to assess the current performance of your site – they’ll look at the quality of your current content, look at where technical SEO can be implemented, and devise an holistic strategy designed to show search engines that your site is the site to rank for a particular search term. 

They’ll conduct keyword and competitor research to see which search terms your customers and rivals are using. They’ll come up with a content plan to ensure both new and current content is written in a way that search engines love, and then impart their knowledge to ensure all of the behind-the-scenes technical elements are set up properly, too. 

SEO isn’t just about what you do on your site, it’s about what you do off of your site, too. External linking is a fantastic way to tell a search engine that it should rate your site higher than others. 

Effective use of tools like Google Business, ensuring your site is listed on local directories, promoting positive reviews from relevant review sites, and creating content that other great sites want to link to all helps to ensure your site is the site to rank. 

As you can see, there are so many elements to SEO, which is why it can often take 3 to 12 months for you to see results. We can help you to set realistic goals for your budget, and we’ll keep you up to date with our progress with monthly reports. 

Want even more from your website? We can create holistic campaigns that include social media and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to drive even more traffic to your site.

Talk to us!

We manage the SEO strategies for a fantastic array of clients near where we are in Poole and Bournemouth. In fact, our reputation expands beyond our doorstep to the rest of Dorset, Hampshire and Southern England. To find out how we can make Google favour your website above the rest, contact our team today on 01202 684400.

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