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Magento development & website design

We were approached by The R&M Electrical Group, a globally recognised electrical products and services supplier, to create an efficient ordering portal for clients with high-volume orders - both quantity of products and order frequency.

The solution also had to integrate seamlessly with multiple clients’ procurement systems and cope with high demand from multiple sources. The answer was the development of a multi-store Magento e-commerce website.

Magento development website design

a truly global business

As one of the largest independent electrical distributors in the UK, R&M also have overseas branches in USA, Asia, the Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan, Iraq and the Middle East.

Magento® development

Following several meetings with the client to understand their requirements for the project and investigation into their current operating platform, we took the existing structure of disparate SAP® systems and set about building a multi-store Magento environment that would unify R&M's backend systems and provide a different storefront across the territories in which the business operates.

The main goal of the new platform was to speed up ordering and make sure that client orders were routed through the right business unit. It was essential that the site was hosted on a super-secure server which we will also provide.

To allow for approved orders to be raised through their SAP system without the need for a monetary transaction, we integrated a punch-out extension between Magento and their procurement system.

In order to create a seamless user experience for their clients, R&M wanted to ensure that only products specified for the project would be displayed to their clients when accessing the portal. This would ensure product continuity during a project and minimise the risk of ordering the wrong products.

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Divisional websites in different territories for R&M Electrical

web design

Due to operating in different territories across the world, the Magento system we built for R&M Electrical needed to be localised across different countries. As part of the design phase for the project, we made sure that the branding and styling were consistent but also implemented a language engine to translate page content according to each country.

The site intuitively links to the store to only display product lines and categories that are relevant by the country that the user is visiting from, again to minimise misordering.

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R&M Group has websites for the international territories it serves

multiple territories and languages

When developing the local websites for R&M Electrical, we made sure that branding and styling were consistent and also implemented a language engine to translate page content