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website design, search engine marketing & social media for Cobra Ribs

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As the leading manufacturer of rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) in Britain, Cobra needed an online presence that reflected their status in the marketplace. With a heavy emphasis on their UK heritage together with their thirst for adventure, they approached b4b to design a custom website and manage their ongoing marketing and promotion.

They are also working with our Software team to create a totally bespoke business system and model configurator – both of which will be integrated with the website.

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We created a website to showcase their incredible new and used RIBs.
website design & development

As with any custom built website, we started the process by meeting with the client and stakeholders to understand what exactly they were looking for. Beginning with the end in mind is always an important consideration for our design team.

With striking imagery to showcase their range of incredible watercraft, it was decided that a highly visual design with full-screen graphics was the way to go. The user journey once on the site needed to be simple yet intuitive taking the visitor straight to their destination, be it for new or used RIBs. As their main objective was lead generation, the call to action was crucial so a sticky navbar in the header was designed so that visitors could make an enquiry quickly and easily.

A big part of the website was showcasing Cobra’s three different model ranges, as well as their used selection of RIBs. Each model is housed in its own section of the website with the visitor being able to view the different sizes available and hover over functionality enables areas of the craft to be highlighted and explained in more detail. Important aspects of the Cobra experience – design, performance, technology and personalisation – are all given equal attention on the site with accompanying full-screen imagery.

search engine optimisation (SEO)

Even before the website was live, the b4b SEO team started benchmarking Cobra’s current search engine rankings. With a heritage of over twenty-five years and as a well-respected name in their industry, they had failed to really establish their reputation online. With rankings not even reaching page 2 of Google, we knew there was work to be done. Keyword research to discover what phrases potential RIB buyers were searching for was conducted and a programme of website optimisation was underway.

Within the first three months, we had achieved top five positions for 25% of our target keywords with others making great strides up the Google ranking, many making jumps from page five to top of page two. Organic traffic soon accounted for nearly half of all traffic arriving on the site.

Tasks undertaken as part of the Cobra RIBs SEO campaign include blog writing, link building, technical SEO, including ongoing meta updates, and continual development of the user experience based on information gleaned from Google Analytics.

pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

As Cobra’s SEO campaign was in its infancy when we launched the new website and they had minimal visibility based on historic lack of optimisation of their previous website, we recommended the implementation of a PPC or Google Ads campaign in order to generate fast leads.

Our PPC consultants built a campaign based on keyword and bid research and launched the campaign to coincide with the website launch. We ensured that the landing pages for the campaign were highly visual, engaging and most importantly had a quick call to action. Enquiries for new and used RIBs are key to Cobra’s future expansion plans and the PPC campaign quickly generated fast traffic and quick leads.

Ongoing management has led us to refine our target keywords to increase the ROI of the campaign. By reducing the keywords, we have witnessed a more effective use of the budget and higher quality leads.

social media marketing

Striking imagery and video of Cobra’s sought after Ribs taking to the water under blue skies are just crying out to be shared via social media and that’s just what our social media team do for Cobra. Having identified a number of different client personas for Cobra, we are able to target these via Facebook audiences to ensure we are targeting the right people with our messaging.

As well as Facebook, we are also using Instagram and LinkedIn to reach potential buyers. In just the first two months of the social media campaign, over 1,000 people visited the Cobra website from a social channel. This was an increase of over 1500% on the previous two months when Cobra was managing the social media activity in-house.

increased metrics in just the first two months of the campaign

The Cobra Ribs’ marketing campaign has seen increased traffic to the website from all channels since b4b took over. This has led to an increase in enquiries generated by online activity.

increase in social media traffic
of target keywords in Google top 5
website visits in first month of website go-live
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