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Due to their ongoing success, Carpet Barn wanted to update their website which lacked content depth, had no product listings and was struggling to keep up with the volume of enquiries. They chose b4b to create a new custom product catalogue website to act as both an effective marketing tool and online store.

To maximise the performance of the new website, we implemented an SEO strategy to increase their search engine rankings and generate organic traffic. We also created a number of email marketing campaigns to help launch and complement the new site.

In addition to the custom website, we also worked with the Carpet Barn team to develop a bespoke business system to manage their operations - helping them process orders, organise deliveries and installation, as well as manage customer projects effectively across their network of four stores.

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thousands of products showcased

The new website designed by b4b has resulted in an increase in quality traffic & online enquiries.

website design

We designed and developed the new website with a visually attractive home page and menu system that directs customers to key areas quickly and easily.

Our design team opted for a large scrolling banner across the home page to showcase their brands and products with a set of clickable boxes below that highlight Carpet Barn’s unique selling points.

Given their huge range of products and brands, simple navigation was key to the success of the site. We segmented their products into separate sections which showcase the brands they stock and detailed information about each product, along with several call-to-action next steps.

The Carpet Barn website

The client was delighted with their new website which is a huge improvement on its predecessor, and we have learned that since its launch, there has been a marked increase in new online enquiries.

The website’s bespoke content management system (CMS) allows the linking of the site to large TV monitors in store - a clever way of showcasing their full range of products, tailored messaging and seasonal offers and promotions to browsing customers.

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bespoke business system

Alongside the website design, we developed a custom business system for Carpet Barn to manage their four stores, fleet of vans and team of estimators, as well as all staff and client details.

Following a number of in-depth meetings with the Carpet Barn team to really understand how they run their business and capture their requirements, our software team created a business-process-model along with a detailed specification how the system would work.

Once signed off by the client, development began and after several months of collaboration with the client, we were able to deliver their very own, bespoke system to improve how they run their business and improve efficiency.

Carpet Barn fitter at work

Carpet Barn bespoke business system

Features of the system include a calendar which allows in-store teams to identify the availability of estimators and fitters to book new appointments, as well as allowing them to transfer stock based on customer orders in real-time. The new system we built has an API link to the legacy system to ensure all data is available to the business.

The bespoke portal for estimators allows them to upload dimensions and photos from the customer's property via a tablet device. This ensures that quotes are accurate and key aspects of the job are known about in advance by fitters thanks to the images of the client's premises.

Drivers also have a mobile app that we built as part of the system that displays their day's schedule. The system has an additional task manager and holiday management function that are controlled with an access hierarchy.

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Carpet Barn is a longstanding b4b client and one which we’ve worked closely with on aspects of their marketing strategy. Our SEO team manage their website by ensuring all products are displayed correctly with detailed and optimised product descriptions, engaging and up-to-date imagery and information on how to purchase. Content creation includes buying guides, FAQs and blogs for each product category, which help customers decide on their new purchase.

Meticulous attention is also paid behind the scenes of the website to ensure all meta titles and descriptions – what Google reads to rank a website – are optimised and performing.

We ensure that the website is ranked at the top of page 1 in Google for the locations of their stores so that potential customers searching for carpets or beds in their area find Carpet Barn first.

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SEO content for the Carpet Barn website

more traffic from better SEO

Previously the Trents website had not ranked well on major search engines because of the way the site was built. Our developers used Magento and integrated with 3rd party data to build a website that now receives over 80% of its traffic from organic search queries.


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