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Passionate raw pet food suppliers based in Dorset, Nurturing by Nature, approached us initially to develop a new business system that would allow them to manage products and aid them as their business and demand grew. This brief quickly transformed into an integrated marketing strategy, including a full branding exercise, design and development of a new website, assistance with social media, an SEO campaign and email marketing.

Having successfully created a raw feeding community in Dorset via retail outlets in Upton and West Moors, the Nurturing by Nature team quickly realised the need to expand their offering across the country by going online, and thanks to a carefully thought out marketing strategy and user-friendly website they’ve seen success in doing just that.

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54% of online sales from new SEO strategy.

Over half of the revenue generated from their website can be linked back to the keyword strategy we implemented as part of the SEO campaign.


Created in their family kitchen, the Nurturing by Nature brand was built on a love for animals and a belief that raw feeding is the ultimate method for ensuring a long and healthy life for pets.

The client had a strong vision in mind for how they wished to be perceived in the marketplace and approached our branding and design team to bring it to life in the form of a strong and consistent brand.

Following several brand workshops to really get to the heart of their business, we created a number of logo variations and a complementary colour palette, as well as defining their messaging – all of which we presented in a ‘brand book’ that now acts as the Nurturing by Nature ‘bible’ and directs all of their marketing activity.

Nurturing By Nature brand book

web design & development

Thanks to our branding exercise, the visual aspects of the website came naturally – we had a colour palette already set and a clear vision for the type of imagery that reflected Nurturing by Nature’s identity. Our experienced team of web designers paired these branded elements with a carefully developed framework, which allowed for an intuitive user journey and positive experience for our client’s customers.

The easy to use menu was split to highlight the two key areas that Nurturing by Nature specialises in – raw pet food alongside specialist help and advice. We were mindful that, although this site was ultimately about generating sales, the eCommerce element sat alongside a wealth of information and guidance, allowing the customer to enjoy the same experience they would when visiting a Nurturing by Nature store in person.

Though simple and easy to use on the front end, behind the scenes this website was developed to encompass a customer database and delivery route planning capabilities, a box quantity function that encourages people to fill up their delivery box, which increases average spend per order, providing the full solution for Nurturing by Nature’s team in-house and at their facility.

Thanks to the bespoke design of this website, we’ve since been able to make updates according to the client’s requirements or as a result of user behaviour; we’ve added multiple payment gateways including, Apple Pay® and saved card functionality, to ensure a seamless and speedy checkout process, updated pre-existing sub-page templates to allow for a broader range of information to be added and pop-up functionality to highlight special offers, to name just a few.

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Following the website going live, it was crucial that potential customers were able to find it! We conducted some careful keyword research, investigating exactly what people were searching for and set out to target high search volume terms – both locally and nationwide. The result of the campaign to date has been an increase in organic website visitors, with over 54% of online revenue generated by customers that found Nurturing by Nature’s website via an organic search term that we have successfully helped them to rank for.

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email marketing

Alongside SEO, which helps to ensure our client’s website is found by those looking for it, we also run an Email Marketing campaign that allows Nurturing by Nature to target their existing clients with offers and news directly.

To engage their raw feeding community, we’re careful to strike a balance between sharing useful information and advice and highlighting special offers and key products in order to generate sales.

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Email banner artwork for Nurturing By Nature

Delivering increased revenue.

The Nurturing By Nature marketing approach is delivering returns for the client thanks to careful consideration of the user journey through the website. The site provides educational resources for new raw food diet customers and for returning visitors, the opportunity to profile their pets and provide optimum nutrition for them. A multi-channel marketing campaign that is delivering revenue from search, email and paid advertising.

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