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custom cloud-based job management CRM to help streamline residential field-service businesses.

custom cloud-based CRM

RemoteWorkr is a custom cloud-based job management CRM designed specifically to help streamline residential field-service businesses.  

RemoteWorkr CRM helps to efficiently manage your database of customers, quotations, worker diaries, invoicing and payment and can integrate with popular accounting packages such as Xero®, Sage® and QuickBooks®. It can be accessed on any device with a connected mobile app also available on iOS and Android phone or tablets.  

Every RemoteWorkr CRM platform is unique and customised to your business. We take the core foundation software and tailor it to your specific requirements, from the initial cosmetic customisation and styling to the addition of bolt-on features or creation of new custom functionality where needed. This ensures the solution fits seamlessly into your business and working methods. 

RemoteWorkr can help you with
  • Order Planning and Scheduling
  • Mobile workforce management
  • Client communication
  • Stock and Inventory Management
  • Invoicing and Payment
  • Finances and Reporting

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"Using RemoteWorkr has given us the flexibility to manage our team's workload and diaries in real-time, keeping them constantly informed. The system has grown with us and b4b has developed bespoke modules that fit with our specific needs."
Richie Baker-Barratt
The Perfect Cleaning Company
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