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Web Design & SEO & Social Media Dorset | W&S Recycling

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Now in our fourth year of partnership, we’re proud to have designed a streamlined and user-friendly website for W&S recycling, as well as strategising and executing an integrated marketing campaign that has generated increased revenue across all areas of the business, plus brand exposure. The marketing channels we utilise to achieve profitable results are SEO, PPC and Social Media.

1,150% increase in page 1 keyword rankings nationally

Over the course of our SEO campaign, we’ve successfully built a level of domain authority which now sees W&S Recycling’s website rank on Page 1 of Google nationally for their target keywords, resulting in an increase in organic traffic and online enquiries.

website design & development

A key element of the brief for this website was that it needed to be able to fulfil the requirements of a range of customer types – commercial customers looking for W&S Recycling’s impressive credentials, domestic customers booking wheelie bin collections and customers hiring and paying for skips online to name just a few.

W&S offers a very broad range of services, each of which needed to be showcased effectively, as well as being easy to find on, what is, a very large website.
We designed a simple navigation menu that allowed both customers and search engines to very quickly see the key sections of the website, leading them to find what they need from W&S with ease both on desktop and on mobile.

To complement the streamlined navigation, we also designed each page template with imagery as a focal point, in order to show off the extensive sites and machinery that W&S is known for.


Since the start of our SEO campaign, the goals and target terms have naturally changed and evolved as the client’s business and user trends have. Our copywriters, optimisation experts and user behaviour specialists carefully monitor search patterns, engagement data and trending topics to ensure that W&S Recycling’s website stays ahead of competitors when it comes to ranking highly on Google.

As well as ensuring the website ranks well, a key element of our campaign is monitoring how potential customers engage with it and making updates that encourage an increase in phone calls and online enquiries.


Whilst our SEO campaign spreads focus across all areas of the client’s long list of services, the team at W&S was also particularly keen to generate a high volume of bookings via their online skip hire system.

In order to generate quick engagement, high levels of traffic and increased bookings, we set up a targeted Pay Per Click campaign. Utilising Google Ads allows us to bid on specific search terms in target locations and in turn place W&S Recycling’s website at the top of Google’s results page for searches relevant to their skip hire service.

This method of marketing offers a high return on investment when paired with a user-friendly website such as this, as the client only pays Google when a potential customer clicks. As searches for terms such as ‘skip hire’ or ‘hire a skip’ demonstrate strong intent to fulfil an action, clicks through to W&S Recycling’s easy to use skip hire booking system have a particularly high chance of converting to paid bookings.

social media

As well as driving traffic to the client’s website, social media is also a great way to ensure customers are able to reach them with ease.

In order to engage with both a commercial and domestic audience, we run campaigns on both Linkedin and Facebook. Both channels allow for effective communication between W&S and their customers, and targeted advertising helps us to build awareness of their brand and expand their audience by exposing them to the many services on offer.

an integrated campaign that delivers results

organic ranking for 'skip hire Dorset'
increase in organic traffic YoY
increase in page 1 keyword rankings nationally
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