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product photoshoot and web design

Our web design and photography experts created a sophisticated website that showcases Brockpac’s exceptional range of packaging options.
An existing web design client of ours, Brockpac needed some new product imagery for use across their marketing channels. We carried out a styled photoshoot, which involved sourcing props, putting together a creative brief, and creating content that can be used on both their website and social media.
website design & development
The website development team set about creating a clear design that looked and felt refined. They were selective about the content used, using only the key pages and information so as not to bombard the visitor, and let the product imagery speak for itself. The team focused on navigation to ensure the user could explore the various options with ease.

The design featured elegant brand colours and fonts that embodies their quality products. Simple effects and animations were also added to make the site more interactive and transport the user into the world of packaging. These additional features – such as images/text fading and appearing as you scroll – keep the viewer engaged and add a sense of speciality to the site.

The website was designed with the knowledge that it would contain much imagery, and the team were careful to ensure that the necessary adjustments were made for it to cope with the heavy content and still perform with full functionality and speed.

The new website was fresh and exciting but still possessed the clarity and simplicity required to highlight the key features of Brockpac’s products and services. With the help of our media team, the brand was really brought to life.
styled product photoshoot
The client’s existing catalogue of imagery was limited, restricted to traditional product shots that worked well for functional and practical purposes but failed to showcase their edge. After our media team saw examples of their products, it was evident that lacklustre imagery failed to showcase the depth and quality of their packaging.

Our team used their media minds to advise the client on how they could use more vibrant imagery to engage their audience and bring the personality out of their products, allowing everyone to see that their products were much more vivacious than the standard flat pack.

As Brockpac’s products are customisable and unique to every customer, they needed product photography that could still be used for a diverse range of purposes. We set about combining the classic, clean, product shoot with a more creative lifestyle type shoot. However, the focus had to remain on the products. Rather than incorporating models and materials that distracted from the beauty of brand, the team recommended that we let the products do the talking, but simply enhanced their presence with subtle props and different angles.

Our photographer worked closely with the client throughout the planning process to understand their vision, and the client remained very much involved on the day, enabling them to watch their collective vision unfold. By getting up close and personal with the products, our media team were able to capture a range of intimate shots that really captured the products on a personal level.
The final shots displayed the depth of the products and gave them more character. The client was thrilled with our creative direction and unique approach throughout the whole project. In line with their requirements, we created seasonal content as well. Our festive imagery was great fun to shoot and received excellent feedback! If you want to show off your products with stunning photography, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today on 01202 684400.
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