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How to Define Your Brand Personality

Warm, serious, adventurous, introverted, disciplined… there’s no shortage of words you can use to describe personality. They’re all simply a way of defining the traits that make you, well, you.  Of course, personalities aren’t just limited to humans. It’s in our nature to assign personalities to the things around us, even if they’re not alive […]

Copywriting: Creating a Tone of Voice for Your Brand

Tone of voice – it’s an essential part of your brand’s identity. Your brand identity is integral to building a relationship with your audience – if your audience doesn’t feel a connection to your brand and what your brand represents, it can affect your sales, conversion rate, and the retention of your customers. In this […]

How Important Is Branding to a Business?

Continuity is key to the success of a brand. Ensuring that your brand style, tone, voice and message are the same across all marketing materials and touchpoints with your customers is absolutely crucial. Strong branding is the key to success From your shopfront to your website, seamless branding will ensure that your audience can recognise […]

The Importance of a Consistent Brand Voice

Keeping a consistent brand voice across your website, social media and advertising is very important in creating a solid brand identity. If your business has its own distinctive voice, then customers will be able to more easily identify your brand from amongst your competition. However, this can be more challenging than you think: should your content tone be casual or […]

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