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uncover new ways for your business to evolve, grow & compete

flipcharts, sticky notes & strong coffee

Each b4b brand workshop is an experience.  Our workshops are interactive, informal, fun and challenging.  They are generally conducted off site at venues selected by clients – or we can host in our boardroom at the b4b office here in Poole.

Brand workshops range from half a day to two days depending on the brief.

Brand workshops tend to involve:

  • a clear set of objectives and outputs
  • whiteboards
  • lots of sticky notes!
  • felt tip pens and permanent markers
  • stimulus materials (videos, print outs etc)
  • team-based interaction
  • team presentations
deliverables from a brand workshop include
  • updated positioning statement
  • brand positioning strategy
  • visual concepts
  • content strategy
  • brand propositions
  • Unique Selling Points (USPs)
  • target audience segmentation and personas
  • marketing communications plan
  • updated company values
  • updated purpose and vision statements
"Before building the website, we had a brand workshop with b4b, drilling into the USP of Mass Concrete, defining our vision, purpose and values. We found this exercise immensely useful, it helped us knuckle down to the essence of our brand."
Chris Smith-Wright
Mass Concrete
The Ashfield Partnership
The Ashfield Partnership
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Mass Concrete
Mass Concrete
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Nurturing by Nature
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