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Integrated marketing messaging helps align our clients’ essential marketing messaging to potential and existing end-users and helps to optimise brand awareness amongst key target groups.

The most effective advertising and marketing focus for any brand, product or service is through a single-minded approach that is distinctive, differentiating and motivating.

Often during the early stages of a client relationship, we find that their business is communicating fragmented marketing messages to customers with little or no visual integration. 

Our approach to rectify this involves an audit of marketing materials and messages (by channel) and an assessment of the level of integration across all communications platforms.

Outputs from our approach include:

  • consolidation of marketing messages and the identification of core propositions based on product/service features and benefits in relation to target audiences (maximum of six key messages)
  • a review of marketing channels and an assessment of their effectiveness (budgeted spend v ROI)
  • a review of marketing assets and an assessment of the level of integration and alignment of look and feel as well as messaging
  • graphic design brief/creative brief to guide future creative development of marketing materials


integrated marketing

Integrated marketing communications is a strategic, collaborative and promotional marketing function at b4b, through which a targeted audience receives consistent and persuasive brand messaging in an integrated way to move customers through the buying process.

We take a brand-led and integrated approach to all our clients’ marketing requirements.  Even if the requirement is a functional website to promote a product or a service, we begin with the end in mind (i.e. sales) and ensure that the brand core messaging is motivating, differentiating and aligned across whichever channels are considered the most relevant to audience groups.

We work with many of our clients to assist in crafting effective Marketing Strategies and Marketing Plans.  Our approach relies on the following core factors:

  • in-house expertise with significant experience in writing literally hundreds of Marketing Strategies and Marketing Plans over more than 20 years in both UK and international markets
  • creativity and insight – based on original thinking and experience
  • economic awareness – of existing market conditions and trends


"We spent some time looking at our audience, who we're trying to reach. Our customer base is quite varied and b4b helped us identify different personas and consider how they think about the Mass Concrete brand and use the website differently."
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