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brand audit

no brand can be effective without a good strategy. we will work with you to create a brand strategy that will help you to achieve your business goals

our brand audit methodology

Our methodology exposes the strengths and weaknesses of your brand – how consistently it is applied and the effectiveness of your proposition amongst key audiences. Our approach involves consideration of three core audiences namely: internal, external, and the customers' experience.

The key to a successful brand audit is to understand from the outset what you are measuring. Who are your target customers and what does your brand promise them?

Invariably the first stage in our process is to understand what you think your brand is – before evaluating what others think.

Whilst a brand audit can be carried out in isolation, it is quite often the pre-cursor to deeper brand exploration including brand proposition and brand identity development.

an overview of our approach
  1. Desk-based research and collation of all brand assets
  2. Assessment of how well your brand messaging is integrated and consistent
  3. Qualitative assessment of your internal brand
  4. Qualitative assessment of your external brand
  5. Assessment of your brand proposition
  6. Assessment of your brand identity
  7. Overall recommendation and next steps
"Working with b4b is fantastic. We chose b4b very carefully when we went through our rebrand campaign. It was really important for us to be able to use a local company that could really understand and get to grips with our core values."
Tim Bishop
Morrish Homes
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