Work experience at b4b: Louisa and Evie’s diary

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Work experience at b4b: Louisa and Evie’s diary

Last week, we welcomed two work experience students: Evie and Louisa. Evie shadowed the media team, while Louisa worked in marketing

About Louisa

Louisa is currently taking GCSEs in history, French, hospitality and catering, and sports studies. In her free time she enjoys reading (her favourite author is Richelle Mead), baking (she makes a mean cheesecake!), and listening to music (she loves a bit of emo!). She shadowed our marketing team, to get a feel for the industry and the different roles available. 

We asked her to tell us about her time at b4b.

Why did you come to b4b for your work experience?

Marketing is like nothing I’ve ever done before and it seemed like an interesting thing to try for a week! 

Did you like working at b4b?

I have really enjoyed my week here as no two days are the same, and there is always so much to learn. Everyone here is so helpful with teaching me new things about digital marketing. 

What different areas have you covered this week?

I’ve learnt how to use Canva, which is a design tool for creating fancy posts on social media. I’ve written a blog post and been shown how to upload it to the website – I was taught about WordPress and b4b’s own CMS. 

In my first couple of days I did some competitor research, and I recorded an interview and was shown how to be an interviewer. I popped over to work with the media team and we did some aerial drone filming. Then I was back with marketing and helped to plan a photoshoot for one of their clients. 

What was your funniest experience?

I had to dress some mannequins at one point – it’s harder than you might think! 

And lastly, what was your favourite thing about working at b4b?

The best part about working here has been learning new experiences, meeting new people, and seeing the separate roles that go into marketing. It’s really boosted my confidence, especially filming the interview for Evie’s video. Another highlight was dressing the mannequins of course!



Evie at a computer editing a video for the media production team

About Evie

Evie is currently studying business, media, Spanish, and history. She says her two favourite subjects are Spanish and media (of course!). She joined our media team this week, helping with shoots and going along on a job for our client, Modulift. 

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, photography, and listening to K-pop. She describes herself as a Greek mythology nerd! 

Here’s how she found working at b4b media! 

What attracted you to b4b media?

I’ve always found Photoshop and media studies really exciting, and I want to have a career that will teach me more about the things that I’m interested in. 

How did you find your week with us?

I’ve learnt what a work environment feels like, and also developed my Premiere Pro editing skills. I’ve really enjoyed my time at b4b! 

What was your favourite part of the week?

Filming my interview with Louisa was definitely my favourite part! We also had to dress some mannequins, which proved to be a challenge! Filming the behind-the-scenes footage for the Modulift shoot was really interesting.




Thank you for all your hard work, Louisa and Evie. It was great to have you! 



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