Why LinkedIn should be part of your social media strategy

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Why LinkedIn should be part of your social media strategy

Is LinkedIn part of your social media marketing strategy? If you’re a B2B company looking to engage fellow businesses, then it almost certainly should be.

Why LinkedIn Should Still Be Part of Your Social Media Strategy

LinkedIn has long been recognised as a powerhouse in the B2B digital space. If you're a company aiming to engage with other businesses or professionals, LinkedIn remains an essential platform. While platforms like Facebook and Twitter have their merits, LinkedIn offers unique advantages, especially for B2B marketing. Let's look into why LinkedIn should still be a cornerstone of your social media strategy.

LinkedIn Drives Significant Web Traffic

Recent studies indicate that LinkedIn continues to be a significant referrer to business websites. While platforms like Twitter and Facebook are essential for brand visibility, LinkedIn's audience is tailored for business interactions. This means that the traffic you gain from LinkedIn is often more targeted and valuable.

LinkedIn's User Base Continues to Grow

Since 2003, LinkedIn's user base has grown exponentially. With over 700 million users worldwide as of 2022, the platform offers a vast network of professionals and businesses. This growth signifies the platform's importance in the professional world and its potential to connect businesses with relevant audiences.

Organic Reach on LinkedIn Remains Strong

One of LinkedIn's standout features is its organic reach. While platforms like Facebook have seen a decline in organic reach over the years, a post on LinkedIn still has the potential to reach a significant portion of your followers. This makes it a valuable platform for sharing company news, insights and thought leadership content.

LinkedIn: A Leader in B2B Lead Generation

LinkedIn's potential for lead generation cannot be overstated. Recent studies have reinforced the platform's strength in this area, with LinkedIn traffic often leading to higher conversion rates compared to other social media platforms. This is especially crucial for businesses offering B2B services or products.

LinkedIn Learning and Skill Assessments

LinkedIn has expanded its offerings with LinkedIn Learning, which provides courses on a multitude of topics. This feature can be a valuable tool for businesses to upskill their employees or for individuals to enhance their professional profiles.

LinkedIn Live and Events

LinkedIn has introduced live video streaming, allowing businesses and individuals to host webinars, Q&A sessions, and other live events. This feature can be a powerful tool for engagement and brand visibility.

Enhanced Advertising Capabilities

LinkedIn has refined its advertising platform, offering more targeted ad options and improved analytics. This makes it easier for businesses to reach their desired audience and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Rich Content Features

The platform now supports a wider range of content types, including polls, multiple images in a single post, and newsletters. These features provide businesses with more ways to engage their audience.

Integration with Microsoft Products

Since Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn, there have been integrations with Microsoft's suite of products, such as Dynamics 365. This offers businesses enhanced CRM capabilities and seamless workflows.

Increased Emphasis on Company Pages

LinkedIn has made several updates to company pages, making them more interactive and providing better analytics. This allows businesses to better showcase their brand and measure engagement.

In conclusion, while the digital landscape has evolved, LinkedIn's significance in the B2B space remains unwavering. If you're looking to bolster your social media strategy, ensure that LinkedIn remains a focal point.

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