Social video - what makes a killer timeline video?

Melissa  Boyle
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Social video - what makes a killer timeline video?

Smash your social media marketing goals with video. Not sure where to begin? Our social media pros explore the features that make a killer timeline video (and we share some helpful tips along the way).

Free pizza!

Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about the very first thing that makes a great timeline video. No, it’s not free pizza (sorry about that). It’s an attention-grabbing opening, of course!

Videos that hook you in straight away with an action shot, question, statement, beautiful scene or even an image of that cheesy, delicious pizza are sure to be winners.

Pro tipAttention wanes quickly so include your logo, brand name and/or message near the beginning to get your point across quickly and before your viewer’s thumb takes them onto the next video.

Don’t sell (too much)

People don’t go on social media to be sold to. They go there to be inspired, to be entertained and to find useful information. Videos that fulfil these needs will always get more engagement than the salesy ones.

Pro tip: this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t sell on social media. Mix and match your inspiring, entertaining and useful videos with sales ones. We recommend going for the ‘jab, jab, punch’ method where you post two non-salesy videos followed by a more product-focused one.

Get creative

Long gone are the days when simply standing in front a camera talking about your product was the height of cutting-edge social media strategy. Timeline videos that really stand out are those that break away from the norm and experiment with different creative styles.

Boomerang, time-lapse, behind the scenes, product showcases, drone footage, immersive experiences – all these types of video are super easy to create yet leave a powerful impression.

Pro tip: Instagram has a fantastic collection of interactive and easy to use video effects and filters – play around with a few to see which ones engage your audience the most.

Make videos accessible to your audience

The last thing you want is for the people around you to hear that you’re watching a video entitled ‘How to ace the Macarena’. That’s why most of us browse social media with the sound firmly off.

Successful videos make sure they can be easily understood without sound and use imagery to help convey their message. If there’s speech, closed captions ensure the video still makes sense when a viewer is watching without audio.

Pro tip: Facebook has a handy tool that automatically adds captions to your video and it’s pretty accurate too – though we do recommend double-checking!

Discover the easiest way to smash your social strategy

Did you know there’s an easy way to create killer social media videos? Letting us take over for you! To chat to our experienced team about your social media strategy and how we can help increase your engagement, get in touch today on 01202 684400.

Photo by Eugene Chystiakov on Unsplash

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