Kicking off the b4b internal conference series

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Kicking off the b4b internal conference series

In a recent blog post, we spoke about everything we’re putting in place to promote staff wellbeing and personal growth. This includes our internal conference series, b4babble.

Our inaugural event took place at the start of this month and we wanted to tell you all about it. 

Why are we doing b4babble?

The point of these internal conferences is to share knowledge between departments, get to know each other better as individuals who have diverse interests outside of work, and grow our confidence as public speakers. At b4b, we strive to imagine the possibilities, whether that’s in terms of what we can do for our clients or how we can develop ourselves. We believe that these educational events will inspire our people to expand their skillsets and unlock potential they may not have realised they had. 

So what happened at our first conference?

Our first b4babble enjoyed a good turnout that included some of the team’s more seasoned public speakers, who were on hand to provide on-the-spot feedback – from simple things like slowing down and making eye contact with members of the audience, to breaking down complex subjects in a way that everyone can engage with.  

I kicked off the talks by sharing a few things I’ve learnt during my career as a marketer, from starting out as a mental health blogger to becoming b4b's Marketing Manager. I explored the subject of digital accessibility and talked about how to create meaningful content that lands.  

Our PPC and SEO specialist, Lisa, got everyone thinking about search intent and the importance of ensuring that page content not only answers the user query, but is optimised according to where someone is in the purchase funnel. Look out for her blog series on search intent, coming soon!  

Scott, our Senior Software Project Manager, talked about MVPs -  Minimal Viable Products -  which are basic forms of an end product that solve the user's core problem. In other words, walking confidently with your product before you run the whole hog with it!

Copywriter Aimee gave some insight into what's been happening in the marketing department, and spoke about the importance of understanding your audience, targeting the right keywords, and the benefits of aligning social content with SEO content. 

What’s next for b4babble?

We’ve already got some great talks lined up for our next b4babble in December, and we’re very excited to see where we can take this as a business. Watch this space…

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