Generate More Exposure on LinkedIn

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Generate More Exposure on LinkedIn

With 433 million users worldwide and more than 20 million of those based in the UK, LinkedIn has the potential to be a powerful platform for professional marketing.

The opportunity to stand out from everyone else and gain exposure for you and your business is limitless...but only if you’re making the most of it.

Here at Bespoke 4 Business, our social media marketing experts have come up with the following ways to make better use of LinkedIn and maximise your opportunities.

Republish Your Content

If your business has a blog or news area on your website, republishing your content on LinkedIn's Publishing Platform is one of the easiest ways to make your network aware of the work you produce and the service you offer. 

It’s literally a copy and paste job, and you get to share your content with your LinkedIn network, which in turn will generate more awareness of what you do and exposure for it from the people who click through.

Comment on Popular Posts

When you see a post gaining momentum - whether it’s published directly on LinkedIn or it’s comments on a link someone shared in your news feed - it's always worth joining in on the conversation.

But the key is to make a worthwhile contribution - ask a question, put forward your professional opinion or highlight additional data that supports the author’s points.  If it’s something that you’ve written an article on yourself, you may even be able to post a link back to it.

By making a comment, the author and anyone else who has commented will receive a notification that you’re actively participating in their conversation, boosting attention back to you as well as (where relevant) exposure to the article you shared.

Increase Your Connections

It’s fairly common for people to be hesitant about adding people they don’t know on LinkedIn but as it’s first and foremost a networking platform, the more connections you have the greater your exposure. If the person looks legitimate, accept the connection – if they start to jam your newsfeed with irrelevant and annoying posts, you can simply unfollow them or hide their posts.  

If you’re using LinkedIn's Publishing Platform as a means to republish and gain more exposure for your work - more connections will mean more people receiving notifications every time you publish content.

Having more first-degree connections means that you also exponentially expand your network when you count the number of second-degree and third-degree connections.

Furthermore, if LinkedIn suggests someone you might know and you do actually know them, you should definitely consider adding them.  Even if they may not be part of your target audience, they might still see your posts, like them, share them, and/or refer someone to you when they hear of something that you’d be a good fit for.

Engage with Your Connections

Every time you get a notification that one of your connections is having a work anniversary or has started a new job, like it. Consider even adding a personalised message if you have the time.

Not many people actually do this so you’ll be setting yourself apart and you’ll be doing a nice thing in the process. People are much more likely to return the favour when it’s your anniversary or you post a new article.

Always Have a Call to Action

Of course, exposure is great but the end result is normally turning that exposure into leads, subscribers or even customers.

Make sure everything you do on LinkedIn - particularly the posts you’ll be pointing people to - has a strong call to action at the end outlining the next step.

To sum up, we would definitely say ‘don’t be afraid of LinkedIn and get active’.  The above tips will hopefully go some way and in helping you generate more exposure for yourself, your business and/or your work.  The more you seek out opportunities to connect with others via LinkedIn, the more return you’ll earn for your efforts.

We have a team of social media marketing experts to help you generate exposure and raise your profile across all platforms from LinkedIn to Facebook, Twitter to Instagram.  If you would like more information about our monthly social media management packages, please contact us on 01202 684400 today.

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