Clubhouse - the newbie on the social scene

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Clubhouse - the newbie on the social scene

We give you the lowdown on Clubhouse, the new invitation-only social media app that everyone is talking about.

What is Clubhouse?

It’s the new and highly exclusive members-only social media app that recently launched, in a bid to give us a bit of a social life in 2021! It is currently only available to those who are invited, and you have to be a member of the iPhone crew. 

Clubhouse is a free live audio app that allows you to listen to or take part in discussions in virtual rooms. Nothing is recorded and, when the room ends, the conversation is gone forever.

Why is it being dubbed as ‘the next big thing’ for social?

At the start of December 2020, Clubhouse had just 3,500 members around the world. Now, it has over 600k! We were interested to know why this app has caused such a stir, so we considered all the ways it’s different to the current leading social media apps.

Twitter’s hook is words, Instagram is visual, and Facebook is about staying connected with old friends. Clubhouse, on the other hand, is all about audio. Once you’re in, you can listen to or join in with conversations that are currently happening, or even start one of your own!

This is what makes Clubhouse, as a platform, so exciting. With all the visual elements stripped away, the focus can be solely on the conversation. Clubhouse is a place where debates, lectures, podcasts and book clubs are all available to listen in on, like a fly on the wall.    

Who’s on Clubhouse?

Right now, not many people compared to other social platforms. Clubhouse is currently only open to a beta group, meaning the creators are keeping the user base small to test the app’s features and safety. One upside of this is that, at the moment, you could find yourself listening in on a conversation with celebrities such as chat show queen, Oprah!

How do you get a Clubhouse invite?

For this, you’ll need to be patient. Each new member is allocated one invite, and after a while, you get three more. So, if you get invited by an existing member, you can eventually pick up to four of your friends to join.

Right now, the club is so small that unless Oprah personally wants to chat to you, it could be some time before it comes to our humble UK marketing networks.

It might be hot and new, but there are some privacy concerns

As with any app in the beta testing phase, Clubhouse may well have some problems that need ironing out. There are currently some concerns about privacy and how data is being used, which the app will no doubt need to address at some point.

We’re confident, however, that these issues will get resolved and that Clubhouse is here to stay. The app is definitely one to watch, as it presents an interesting new dimension to our usual social media experience. 

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