5 common social media marketing mistakes

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5 common social media marketing mistakes

As one of b4b’s social media executives, I devise and implement social media strategies that build brand awareness and deliver results. In this blog, I’ll share five of the most common mistakes businesses make on social media.  

1) Showing up on the wrong social media platforms

When it comes to social media, it’s all about reaching the right people. For example, if your prospects and customers spend more of their time on Instagram or TikTok, but your business only posts on Facebook, it will be much harder for you to reach your audience and drive sales.

Performing market research into your chosen audience is essential, as you need to know not only their preferred platforms, but what kind of content they would find useful, inspiring, and engaging.

2) Forgetting to include calls to action in your posts

Including a call to action (or CTA) on everything you post is key. Whether you’re writing the perfect post caption or filming an engaging video, including a CTA prompts your audience to take action.

A CTA can be as simple as asking users to leave a comment or follow your page, but if your goal is to drive traffic to your website, including a link to a relevant page is recommended.

3) Not setting clear goals

When it comes to succeeding with social media marketing, having a clearly defined strategy that aligns with your business goals will keep you on track and ensure the best return on your investment. 

Whether your goal is to increase website visits, promote a specific product, or appeal to a particular audience demographic, your content needs to reflect this.

Regularly monitoring analytics and setting measurable KPIs which align with your strategy are the best ways to identify key areas of growth.

4) Relying only on organic reach

Social media is a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness, but organic reach over recent years has become less and less impactful. 

To ensure your content reaches the right people, we recommend taking advantage of the powerful targeting tools available to you with paid advertising. This will allow you to target specific age groups, locations, job titles, or interests.

5) Neglecting video content

The most engaging type of content on social right now is short-form video. People are watching more online video content than ever before (the amount of videos watched has doubled since 2018!) and research has shown that video content is 1200% more successful on social media than any other content type.

We recommend incorporating video content into your social strategy wherever you can. Video case studies, educational videos, or videos that show your brand’s personality or company culture are always a good place to start. 

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Need help with your social media strategy?

Our experienced social media team can help you define your social media strategy, produce engaging content, run targeted ad campaigns, and measure your success on social. Get in touch with us today on 01202 684400 to get started. 

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