4 tips for utilising LinkedIn marketing

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4 tips for utilising LinkedIn marketing

Heard how LinkedIn is the number one site for b2b marketing but struggling to see results? These four simple tips for an effective LinkedIn strategy will help grow your network and ultimately, your business.

LinkedIn is great for promoting both yourself and your business. When used well, LinkedIn is a powerful influencing marketing tool that can extend your professional network, deepen customer relationships, foster discussions and communities, generate leads, conduct market research and help you become an industry leader. 

Promote your company’s LinkedIn profile

Once you’ve set up a dazzling company page bursting with useful information about the wonders of your business, it’s time to get some followers. Rather than spamming the entire LinkedIn community, consider who is likely to get value from the service or products you offer and target them with messages carefully crafted to show how connecting with you will benefit them.

Don’t forget to ask customers and clients to follow you by promoting your page on emails, blog posts, on your website and, as counterintuitive as it may first sound, don’t be afraid to use your offline channels too – it may surprise you how offline marketing can help boost your online presence.

Publish engaging and useful content

Once you’ve got a healthy number of followers, you’ll need to keep them interested by regularly providing entertaining, informative and/or useful content, preferably with a fresh and unique perspective, that they won’t be able to resist engaging with. Mix up your post styles by writing about different topics (while still remaining relevant to your brand) and include photos and video as posts with multimedia images get up to five times more comments than text-only versions.

When crafting this winning copy, it’s worth remembering that while it may be tempting to extoll the benefits of your business, LinkedIn is primarily a networking site, so ‘salesy’ content doesn’t tend to work all that well.

Sponsor your winning content

It’s easy to tell if your content is hitting the right spot with your LinkedIn audience by monitoring the number of likes, comments and shares it receives. You can then use this handy data to then sponsor your most successful posts. This means that thanks to LinkedIn’s clever targeting tools, your fantastic content will feature in the feed’s of key influencers, decision-makers and target customers who are all potentially very profitable audiences. 

Join in with group discussions

As well as posting your own expert content, join in discussions with other posts relevant to your business. Not only will this offer connection opportunities and foster relationships but it will also serve to position your brand as an authority in that particular market. Your valuable and frequent contributions to further the knowledge of that community will more likely be remembered by prospects so, when it comes to purchasing time, you’re likely to be their first point of call.

We can help

If you’re still not sure of how to utilise LinkedIn for your business, or simply don’t have the time to ensure an effective result, contact b4b, to see how our experienced social media marketing team can help transform your online presence. Simply contact us online or call 01202 684400 today.

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